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THE BERNARDSVILLE NEWS:: Wherever you go, there you are. Whoever authored this statement (widely believed to be Confucius, though the internet routinely disagrees) I’ve no doubt that they spent an infinite amount of time in airports—emotionally, if not physically.

(11 September 2018)

THE BERNARDSVILLE NEWS: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman, in possession of a large (and engaged) friend group, must be in want of a weekend off.

(5 September 2018)


BRIT + CO: I inhaled into my snorkel and adjusted my mask to get a clearer look at the six-foot reef shark swimming straight toward me below the surface of the water.

(28 July 2018)

POPSUGAR: On those days when I struggled to feel like the best version of myself, I channeled the spirit of my grandmothers. Their humor and elegance were infectious; it was simply impossible to be bored or uninspired in their presence.

(6 MARCH 2018)

POPSUGAR: Women change the world every day, and I'd like to think you'll be the owner of a very large hammer to use on any and all glass ceilings you encounter.

(6 March 2018)


POPSUGAR: A very Instagrammable ingredient called Blue Majik (a proprietary extract of the blue-green algae Arthrospira platensis, which you might know as spirulina) has never been more popular.

(10 February 2018)

ELITE DAILY: In this age of digital romance, where breadcrumbing, ghosting and benching are enabled by our iPhones, it’s only natural that the text message break-up is a popular phenomenon.

(30 January 2018)

THE FLAGSHIP: After all, Thomas Friedman may have argued that the world is flat, but—upon reviewing this list—I think we can all agree the world is insane, as well.

(21 December 2017)


ELITE DAILY: 'Tis the season to cuff — or so we're told every year when the temperatures drop and the pressure to bring a date to one of your thousands of holiday parties rises.

(27 November 2017)

THE FLAGSHIP: Who says you can’t go home again? Most writers and artists and all of popular culture do, but never mind those naysayers.

(21 November 2017)

ELITE DAILY: When did dating become so repetitive? Dinner and drinks? How novel. Drinks, but not dinner? Someone's hedging their bets, or — just as likely — their wallets.

(20 November 2017)


THE WEEK: Is the devil you know better than the devil you don't? That was the question I asked myself after downloading a budgeting app to mercilessly track my spending habits.

(20 September 2017)

THE WEEK: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman, in possession of a minimal fortune, must be in want of an alternative to the dreaded group dinner in a fancy restaurant.

(12 June 2017)

RECORDER NEWSPAPERS:It was on a wintry evening last March that my faith in humanity was restored.

(10 April 2017)


RECORDER NEWSPAPERS: It’s a balmy February morning. I’m pacing in front of the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica when an armed guard chastises me for wandering the premises, pointing to a sliver of sidewalk where I’m allowed to exist.

(5 April 2017)

RECORDER NEWSPAPERS: steemed as one of the oldest arts, poetry seems to be undergoing an identity crisis these days.

(24 February 2012)

ECHOES SENTINEL: It is alarmingly easy to occasionally feel trapped in the day-to-day banalities of your routine.

(9 November 2011)


20 & Counting: Living the Quarter-Life Crisis

BERNARDSVILLE NEWS: A side effect of loving parenting and the ever-prevalent reinforcement of positive thinking is that all of your young life you are led to believe that you will make something of yourself.

(30 March 2011)

HUNTERDON REVIEW:There are few significant landmarks on the proverbial road to adulthood and key amongst these would be moving out.

(29 March 2011)

RANDOLPH REPORT: High school graduation: a subject of endless long-winded speeches and cliché teen movies and the main cause for grief - or elation -in parents nationwide.

(3 July 2007)